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The Milked Almond was founded in response to the one-size-fits-all advice available across the internet. Each business is different, working as a sum of its parts. At The Milked Almond, our mission is to refine those working parts with you in order to get the best out of your business and bridge the divide between your current and desired situation.

Throughout the process we will assess where you are and how you got there, what your ideal business looks like and what systems, strategies and goals need to be implemented. Although many of us go into business for higher levels of income, autonomy and lifestyle flexibility, few ever achieve this balance.

If you feel that your business could benefit from a breath of fresh air, arrange a complimentary intro session to see if we are the right fit for you.


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When we surveyed entrepreneurs and business leaders around the world, their biggest challenges were getting good advice for their business, as well as managing their time effectively.

Our eBook, 9 Time Management Hacks for Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders simplifies the most effective strategies for managing your time effectively and is yours completely free.

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One of the best entrepreneurs I have ever talked to. Always there to discuss new subjects and share new ideas. And was really helpful in setting some ideas on the business I’m working on.


Not only improved the performance of my business considerably, but encouraged completely new systems which ultimately helped me realise a strong strategic direction. I could not recommend his involvement in my business any higher than I do. 

Leath (Broker)

Luke has been a pleasure working with over the past couple of months. His sharing of business improvement ideas along with understanding of my business issues has been fantastic!!


meet luke

Hi there,

The Milked Almond began as a passion project of mine. The goal was to empower business leaders and entrepreneurs with knowledge beyond popular catch-phrases. My background in entrepreneurship began as a child, but I founded my first real venture at the age of 24 after finishing my service in the Australian Defence Force. My experience in business leadership and change management combines with undergraduate and postgraduate education in order to provide our clients with a unique service of business improvement. If you’re interested in what small changes you can make today to grow your business, get in touch!

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